A quarter of Dutch people dissatisfied with his/her current job – Panthion offers solution!

Recent research shows that as many as a quarter of Dutch people are not satisfied with their current jobs. Do you recognize this? Are there employees in your (HR) department where you notice that motivation lags and ambition has subsided? Perhaps they are “stuck” in a job that no longer fits or that they are not happy with. (H)recognizing this challenge is important, but taking action in a timely manner (having a good career plan) is just as important. Know that you or your employee(s) are not alone in this. At Panthion, we understand how important it is to do work that is fulfilling and matches talents and ambitions.

Customized career counseling

Panthion offers professional career counseling to advise, support and fulfill your full potential. Our experienced career counselors are here to help you with:

  • Personal career sessions to clarify your unique talents, motivations and ambitions
  • Advice on making career choices
  • Support in taking concrete steps toward work that really suits you
  • Tools and exercises for self-reflection and personal development
  • Training for your team regarding drives, passion and work happiness

Whether you’re ready for a new challenge within your current organization or considering a completely different direction – we’ll help you chart the right course and take action.

Tips for increased job satisfaction

In addition to individual counseling, Panthion also has valuable tips for anyone who wants to start working directly on their own to get more satisfaction from work:

  1. Know yourself. Take regular time to reflect on what energizes you and what doesn’t. What do you get excited about?
  2. Speak out. Have a conversation with your supervisor about your wants and needs. Maybe there are more possibilities than you think.
  3. Keep learning and growing. Make sure you keep developing yourself, whether that’s by taking a training course or gaining new experiences. That’s how you stay motivated.
  4. Find connection. Invest in relationships with colleagues and people in your network. Support and inspiration from others gives a huge boost.

“Panthion’s personal approach has given me the insights and tools to take my career in a new direction. I am full of energy again and enjoy going to work!” – Marieke, 39

Support for HR professionals

Panthion is not only there for individual employees, but also offers support to HR professionals on organizational issues around sustainable employability, talent development and job happiness. With our expertise and pragmatic approach, we help organizations bring out the best in their people.

Wondering what Panthion can do for you or your organization?

Please feel free to contact us for an exploratory discussion. Together we take the first step toward greater job satisfaction and success!

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