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The labor market is changing tremendously due to the corona crisis. Jobs change, positions disappear, but new career opportunities also arise. With development advice (worth €700), you’ll know what you want, what you’re worth and how to seize opportunities. Working people and job seekers can take a development program free of charge from the beginning of August at a qualified career agency, such as Panthion HR & Career Services B.V. This will give people an insight into the labor market opportunities available to them in this crisis.

Make use of the ‘Development advice for workers and job seekers’

What does development consulting look like?
– A labor market scan (the labor market scan provides a result of promising options in the labor market);
– Four coaching sessions with a career counselor;
– An interview report;
– A personal development plan.

Workers and job seekers can take a development course with a qualified career counselor at no cost starting in early August. This will give people visibility into the labor market opportunities available to them in this crisis. Career counselors can also support people in choosing the right education or training or provide tips on searching and applying for jobs. Some 20,000 people are expected to use it. The development advice is part of the crisis program NL Learns Through. Social Affairs and Employment Minister Koolmees sent a letter to the House of Representatives about this.

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Contents of measures
The second emergency jobs and economy package, which runs through the end of September, aims to preserve as many jobs as possible. At the same time, the Cabinet wants the package to help people adapt to the new economic reality. Therefore, employers applying for the NOW program, for example, are required to encourage their employees to engage in further and retraining. Employees can use existing schemes such as the tax deduction for studies or the opportunities offered by their R&D fund to do so. In addition, the cabinet has allocated 50 million euros for the crisis program NL Leert Door, which allows people to follow development counseling and online training free of charge.

Workers and job seekers can also take training courses starting this fall. These may be short-term courses to learn a specific skill, vocational continuing education or the first module of a longer retraining program. This allows people to learn skills to do other work within the organization where they are already employed, or to become more employable in other companies. But the support from the NL Leert Door package can also be a first step toward retraining to another profession or career with better job market opportunities. To take advantage of training opportunities, participants need only register with a participating training provider. The training body further handles administration and costs. Training providers can apply individually or in a partnership to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment this summer for a grant program to fund training. Some 50,000 to 80,000 courses and trainings are expected to be realized.

Minister Koolmees is pleased that people can start working with a career advisor as early as this summer: “It is very important that people regularly think about the future of their work. That’s always the case, but in this crisis that may be extra true. Many people will have to change jobs in the coming months. Those who prepare for this now will be able to make a switch more quickly if necessary.”

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