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Mobility employment through Panthion gives you the security of employment and the space to discover the future that suits you best. This with equivalent working conditions (including ABP pension accrual) to those of your former employer.

Specialist mobility service connections Randstad (Rotterdam, The Hague, Zoetermeer, Leiden,

Knowledge of the regional labor market, a large network and relevant contacts within the region are essential when employing a mobility service provider. We do not believe in a national approach but rather see great successes within our region. For that reason, we support municipalities, (state) governments, safety regions, water boards and secondary education with mobility issues.

Everyone has talents. The trick is figuring out which ones these are!

How does it work?

With mobility employment, you join Panthion temporarily and receive professional career guidance. Through training and coaching, our Noloc-certified career counselors ensure that you regain control of your career. At the end of the mobility program, or perhaps earlier, you will pursue a career that meets your desires, dreams and ambitions. During mobility employment, through a work experience placement, you can gain targeted experience within other organizations.

Equal employment benefits, 100% ABP pension accrual

You go through the complete mobility employment process under contract with Panthion. After all, finding a new job requires full-time effort. So you apply and we offer you the security of employment. We therefore follow your current employer’s collective bargaining agreement for primary employment conditions – such as salary and vacation arrangements – and you will receive 100% ABP pension accrual. Secondary conditions will be determined by mutual agreement.

Become your own entrepreneur?

A dream/ambition may be to start your own business. Should this desire exist, we offer a customized program specifically geared toward your entrepreneurial aspirations. Of course, we can guide you through the first steps in setting up your own business.


Before we enter into a mobility service relationship with each other, mutual trust and “the click” are key: are you excited to get started with our career professionals and feel at home at Panthion? You are the director of your own career and we facilitate the process of getting you to where you want to be. So you really are part of our team and the commitment has to come from both sides.


Our clients are in the (central) government and education sectors. Our mobility service contracts start around 9 months and last up to 2 years. The candidates who enter into mobility service contracts with us are generally college educated.

Why Panthion?

Jackling Engineering
Jackling Engineering
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"We asked Panthion to fill a position to temporarily underpin our team. Panthion presented us with enthusiastic interim professionals within three business days. In the end, our chosen professional was able to start within two weeks. Top-notch support!"
John van Lent
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"As an organization, we needed to fill an interim HR position. Panthion provided us with several top candidates within four working days. In the end, our #1 was able to start within a week. Time, attention and quality. I can definitely recommend Panthion as a partner for HR interim search. "

Panthion as a partner

Panthion is your partner, not a supplier. All of our services are tailored to the needs of employees and organization. Quality is important to us and customization is the rule, not the exception.

We go to great lengths to satisfy our clients and our work is our passion. This is reflected in our commitment to the people and organizations for whom we work.

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"The employees Panthion has in coach supervision are both full of praise for the coaches. The conversations and assignments give them many insights and they also manage to take action to do something with those insights. "
"About Panthion's leadership training: It was a nice day with a pleasant group. The training gave me insights and concrete tools. Thank you for organizing this training and the aftercare moments. All in all, incredibly educational. Nice to experience how the trainer can create an environment where you can feel safe enough to share personal / not everyday issues with the group. It was an inspiring journey. "
"5 stars! Thickly deserved!!! I have been helped fantastically by Panthion. They not only helped me write application letters, because yes, how did that work, but also always a listening ear. Advice and heart in abundance. Have now found a nice interesting job. Because of my coach at Panthion, I have always continued to believe in myself. Thank you!"
"Whereas many agencies opt for exorbitant recruitment & selection fees, Panthion maintains a healthy approach with ditto pricing. Last month our new HR Business Partner started after recruitment & selection by Panthion's recruiters."
"Not just help, just another way of looking at work. Great conversations, tips and tricks and a down-to-earth view of the job market. Just what I needed. Not just a critical look at resume and letter, but setting a goal, a focus. What are you best at? For me, very useful, but you are and remain responsible yourself. "
"I liked the outplacement process at Panthion. The practical and goal-oriented approach helped me well in making the right choices in my job search and prepared me well for my job applications. Eventually, this quickly led to a new job. Ultimately, of course, you have to do it yourself, but Panthion helps you get started well, and gets you thinking differently about what is important to you and your career."

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