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enough to
do a lot
make a difference

Actually, this quote expresses exactly what we stand for and how we do our work: from fun and with passion. Ultimately with only 1 goal: to make our clients feel top notch. The common thread in our services is people & organization: from interim HR positions to career issues and from reorganizations to outplacement. We do this with a super enthusiastic team from different locations in the Netherlands: Rotterdam (head office), The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Tilburg.

We don’t think in existing solutions because by definition they are behind. We believe that there are always more successful solutions and that as an organization you should dare to choose them. And choosing, that takes guts. From you and from us.

The beauty of true modesty is that you can't brag about it.

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Why choose Panthion?

Over 20 years of experience in HR
Always customized and attentive to the personal situation
Only NOLOC or NOBCO certified professionals
Distinctive approach
Our placement rate is 92%
We think along with you!

Our Team

Besides all the great things mentioned above, we also have a fantastic multidisciplinary team: from career counselors to employment experts and from reintegration consultants to trainers. Feel free to scroll through our “face book.”

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we do what we do? Not only an important question in your career, but also an important question for us as an HR company. Then we can’t and won’t come up with superficial marketing language; it’s really about our dream. Basically, it is already reflected in our slogan: “We want to be big enough to do a lot and small enough to mean a lot.” We like to make a difference and perhaps work differently from others precisely because of that. Being able to make a difference can be very concrete by making a change in someone’s life, in someone’s career or in the form of good advice and by really thinking with them. Preferably in such a way that positively surprises your client and/or employee.

When you work from passion and joy and are real and sincere, you can move mountains. We therefore want to be not only an external consultant, but rather a partner of our clients. Only from confidence and decisiveness, can we help your organization grow. This includes being there for people and not letting go of our clients until we are ready. From this passion, we think along and are distinctive. We get genuine joy from a great review, a new placement, a successful reintegration, a timely filled vacancy and a client we can laugh with. That’s what we get out of bed for.

And if we want to continue to achieve this, we must continue to inspire ourselves and work with dedicated professionals. Remain sharp, innovative and innovative. As a result, we get people and organizations moving and thus one step ahead. We believe that there are always more successful solutions, if only you are willing to choose. And choosing, that takes guts. From us and from our clients. Will you take the adventure with us?

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"The employees Panthion has in coach supervision are both full of praise for the coaches. The conversations and assignments give them many insights and they also manage to take action to do something with those insights. "
"I want to thank Panthion very much for all the support and help they have given me, because I had a hard time and I am doing much better now. The psychologist I was also seeing has contributed little or nothing to my recovery in my opinion. Panthion was really the party that gave me the right handles to get me through."
"About Panthion's leadership training: It was a nice day with a pleasant group. The training gave me insights and concrete tools. Thank you for organizing this training and the aftercare moments. All in all, incredibly educational. Nice to experience how the trainer can create an environment where you can feel safe enough to share personal / not everyday issues with the group. It was an inspiring journey. "
"I know Rik as a humble, well-qualified professional with an eye for detail. Actively involved in what is necessary, without being in the foreground, but clearly keeping the intended goal in mind. I have found the conversations from Panthion to be positively inspiring. My coach gave me a beautiful mirror through these conversations and assignments. I look back fondly on our discussions held and am pleased with the results achieved."
"We asked Panthion to fill a position as a temporary underpinning of our team. Panthion presented us with enthusiastic interim professionals within three business days. In the end, our chosen professional was able to start within two weeks. Top notch support!"
"I went through an outplacement process through Panthion. This was quite difficult and confrontational at times. The process was intense, but it gave me many new insights, not to mention a new job!"

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