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Actually, this quote expresses exactly what we stand for and how we do our work: from fun and with passion. Ultimately with only 1 goal: to make our clients feel top notch. The common thread in our services is people & organization: from interim HR positions to career issues and from reorganizations to outplacement. We do this with a super enthusiastic team from different locations in the Netherlands: Rotterdam (head office), The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Tilburg.

We don’t think in existing solutions because by definition they are behind. We believe that there are always more successful solutions and that as an organization you should dare to choose them. And choosing, that takes guts. From you and from us.

The beauty of true modesty is that you can't brag about it.

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Why choose Panthion?

Over 20 years of experience in HR
Always customized and attentive to the personal situation
Only NOLOC or NOBCO certified professionals
Distinctive approach
Our placement rate is 92%
We think along with you!

Our Team

Besides all the great things mentioned above, we also have a fantastic multidisciplinary team: from career counselors to employment experts and from reintegration consultants to trainers. Feel free to scroll through our “face book.”

In 2011 -after working in the HR and career field for over 15 years- I started Panthion HR Services. Panthion is the national labor mobility specialist. Together with our team of professionals, we provide customized mobility services. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we ensure that people get moving, enabling them to pursue their careers appropriately.

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Founder/Owner Panthion and HR sparring partner

I graduated in the field of Human Resource Management and completed the Coaching for Professionals course at the School of Coaching in 2006. On a daily basis, I bring with me the experience and knowledge I have gained over the past years in positions as an HRM consultant, executive, MT member and project leader in the field of staff mobility. Through all the encounters with a diversity of clients, clients and colleagues in the profession, I am constantly growing as a person, as a professional.



Career coach & trainer

I have over fifteen years of experience in the HR profession and, as a self-employed person, support various entrepreneurs with HR issues. I stand for HR with passion, vigor and drive!
Whether it's about operational HR matters, implementing an assessment policy and job home or implementing a reorganization. With my work experience, commitment and enthusiasm, I take up these matters for you with great enthusiasm and make sure it comes to a good result.

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HR Advisor (self-employed)

Team Coach, Running Therapist and Connector. I love enticing people to exercise both physically and mentally. I believe that people who move physically, mentally and emotionally get results faster.

My business motto is:
Make a plan in your own life otherwise you will be employed in other people's plans.

Human beings are what drive me. My passion lies in developing personal leadership so that people in a changing environment can persevere from their personal strengths and deal with uncertainty. Challenging people to be curious and discover new things.
For 15 years I worked within HR at KLM; in my last position as HR Business Partner.

Driven | Energetic | Results-oriented



Career counselor, vitality and life coach

As a born and bred Rotterdam native, I know that the professional field is all about deeds. By now I also know that it takes a lot of words (read: clear communication) to get results. Alone you go faster, together you get further.

I like to share my positive energy and use it to help job seekers find a new place to work, among other things. With that, I have achieved wonderful results in recent years.




As a Freeride skier, I have one big passion, which is to "sign a trail": a new trail of my own in fresh powder!
When I look at my work, my biggest motivation is to support people in laying such a "new track," but in their careers.

Supporting people to look for a job that suits them based on their competencies, drives and possibilities, that is my job. In doing so, I translate individual capabilities into a responsible career choice.



Career Counselor

My mission is to help people discover what they really want, so that they can find work that fits them completely. Work that makes them happy and energized. For years, this was exactly my own problem. I know how it feels when you don't know what you want and also how it feels when you find out what you do want!



Reintegration coach

I guide transitions at the organizational, team and individual level. I get joy from initiating and stimulating (Learning) processes, breaking patterns and creating space for growth and development. I am a coach ,(behavioral) trainer and recognized Noloc career professional.



Sr. Career Counselor

I have been working as an employment specialist since 2012. In my life, I have experienced what it is to be "stuck" in a situation. I know it is nice to have a neutral person beside you to help you walk a different path. It is a challenge for me every time to guide a client to other work. As a person, I am sensitive, driven and entrepreneurial by nature. I support you to actively promote your own recovery. In doing so, work is part of recovery.



Registered Employment Specialist

As a retired person, I would like to pass on my positivity, passion, perseverance, pit bull mentality and drive to people who think there are no job opportunities for them due to age or disability.
Outplacement, Pathways To Work and Work-Fit are among my expertise.



Reintegration coach

As an independent career coach, Noloc recognized Career Professional, I coach people who want to live and work from the heart, people who love and are committed to what they do, people who are looking for challenge and balance, inspiration and personal development.



Career Counselor

Labor expert is a beautiful profession. Finding the best match between work, income and people is an art I have mastered and enjoy. Putting people in their new power is beautiful and meaningful work that I love.



Labor expert

As a labor market professional, my major motivation is to guide my candidates from job to job. Through my experience in various positions as a career advisor and recruiter, I have gained extensive knowledge of the job market and built a valuable network. I am happy to put this knowledge to use in counseling for other work. I really want to move people by making them think and spurring them to action. What my candidates find typical of me are my enthusiasm and drive.



Coach & Career Counselor

Many professionals have dreams and ambitions but do not express or show them enough. My motivation is to empower professionals to take full advantage of the opportunities that social media (especially LinkedIn) offers to raise your profile and make those dreams and ambitions come true.
I would love to work with you to find your talents and qualities. Here I use various tools, for example, the MBTI or Schein's motivational analysis.



Career advisor and (LinkedIn) trainer

My passion is to guide and mediate my clients to a new perspective.
I provide coaching programs in the areas of career orientation, outplacement and reintegration 2nd track. I also supervise "on the job.
Central to this are the coaching conversations. I also provide training in the areas of creating a resume/Covering Letter, Networking, Job Interviews, Communication Skills.



Career and reintegration

Supporting people in their development is what I love most. I enjoy guiding people in change in their current work or to other work, so that they can move with what the environment asks of them in a pleasant way. I do that with genuine interest in people and in their abilities and qualities, so that they discover new or different things about themselves, can tap into other skills, and also with a positive push to get on with it. My style is open, warm, enthusiastic and practically oriented.



Career Coach

As an experienced career coach/outplacement counselor, I coach employees who, for whatever reason, need a new impetus to achieve a vitalizing career perspective. One of the methods I use is course research. My approach is business and results-oriented from a deep-seated interest in the individual.
I do not shy away from naming and discussing limiting beliefs and possible blockages.
In recent years I have built a large network within various industries. I use this network wholeheartedly for the benefit of my clients.



Sr. career counselor / trainer / executive coach

I believe there is a right place for every person! My approach is always personal and customized.
The job market is moving, but so are people, of course. Having and keeping work-life balance is sometimes quite an art. There may be a (temporary) distance from work for a variety of reasons, or perhaps just to get to work. I like to help you by "standing firm" and dealing with or removing obstacles where I can. See your own power (again) and use it to achieve what is needed for you.



Reintegration and (career) coach

From the banking industry, I followed my passion to another people-oriented industry. I am here for the clients and principals of Panthion / ViaMensa. My organizational talents come into full play in my position where my responsibilities include Back Office activities.



Management support person / Case manager

I have earned my spurs within the profession of Personnel & Organization. As a coach, trainer and consultant, I have focused on career and mobility issues for the past 15 years. Characteristic of my practical and engaging approach, I easily connect with clients and principals.



Career Counselor

Order, coordination, advice and guidance in the HR and Absence segment. Advising, supporting and guiding on absence and organizational issues and implementing HR policies are components that I am energized by. My specialty is in tactical HRM, where absence management and professionalizing HR processes are further developed. As a people-oriented HR consultant, I have gained my work experience within Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Technical organizations.



Case manager absenteeism

Connecting people with the job market is my daily goal, because I wish everyone to do work and/or an activity that energizes you. In my work, this connection is the common thread. In addition to focus, job market readiness, resume, cover letter and social media check, practicing interview skills, networking and creating entry points is my added value. I am happy to do this for you as well!



Career Counselor
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Registered Employment Specialist

After working in the corporate world for 14 years, I found that my passion lay elsewhere. Where, I didn't know yet. But 1 thing was certain, I wanted to help people...more than was possible at that time. My desire to support others, guide and share my life experience grew by the day.
Looking back, that was exactly what gave me the most energy over the past few years. All the puzzle pieces fell into place: career coach. Using my knowledge and experience to help creative professionals perform healthier, better and more vital. Having completed NOBCO accredited coach training, it is now my honor to guide you in your growth.So make a choice for yourself and get started!



Career Coach / Personal Coach

Hi, I'm Claudia, life coach, executive coach and sports coach. I have a background as a soccer coach and gymnastics coach in elite sports and graduate degrees in law, management science, spiritual director and psychosocial therapist, among others. To start supporting people on their life path, in 2014, after 15 years of working as a political group chairman in a city council, director of a trade association and board member of employer organizations, I traded my job for supporting people in the last phase of life, with cancer and life questions. I immersed myself intensely in meaning, spirituality and vitality and learned beautiful life lessons. Today, I combine the best of both worlds in unique pathways for personal and intuitive development. When you know who you are you feel strong and find work that suits you!



Trainer / Coach

For over 15 years I have been working with people on an individual or group basis. I am curious by nature and genuinely interested in fellow human beings. My sensitivity is now proving to be a strength that I can use in my work. I have a razor-sharp sense of what the other person is feeling and can attune myself well to them. In addition to my work as an energetic therapist and facilitator, I also work as a coach, trainer, absence and second track expert. There I counsel people with mental, physical and/or energetic disabilities.



Case manager / Absence manager / Two-track reintegration

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we do what we do? Not only an important question in your career, but also an important question for us as an HR company. Then we can’t and won’t come up with superficial marketing language; it’s really about our dream. Basically, it is already reflected in our slogan: “We want to be big enough to do a lot and small enough to mean a lot.” We like to make a difference and perhaps work differently from others precisely because of that. Being able to make a difference can be very concrete by making a change in someone’s life, in someone’s career or in the form of good advice and by really thinking with them. Preferably in such a way that positively surprises your client and/or employee.

When you work from passion and joy and are real and sincere, you can move mountains. We therefore want to be not only an external consultant, but rather a partner of our clients. Only from confidence and decisiveness, can we help your organization grow. This includes being there for people and not letting go of our clients until we are ready. From this passion, we think along and are distinctive. We get genuine joy from a great review, a new placement, a successful reintegration, a timely filled vacancy and a client we can laugh with. That’s what we get out of bed for.

And if we want to continue to achieve this, we must continue to inspire ourselves and work with dedicated professionals. Remain sharp, innovative and innovative. As a result, we get people and organizations moving and thus one step ahead. We believe that there are always more successful solutions, if only you are willing to choose. And choosing, that takes guts. From us and from our clients. Will you take the adventure with us?

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"For many years I have enjoyed working with Panthion/ViaMensa. Outplacement and 2nd track processes for the Safety Region Rotterdam are carried out qualitatively and with good results. In addition, I can always spar with Rik in finding customized solutions for our employees which I find valuable. Honest, reliable and professional, the way I should expect and get!"
"Panthion had a role in our organizational consulting process. Rik (of Panthion) is a strong personality where confidence, enthusiasm and perseverance are his strongest character traits. As an HRM manager, he handles organizational changes involving personnel issues with professionalism, integrity and decisiveness. Rik thinks in solutions."
"After being laid off last fall after more than 30 years due to a reorganization, I found Panthion willing to help me look for a new job. From the very first meeting, I felt I had made an excellent choice. Positive, realistic and stimulating were the first experiences where Panthion's career counselor put me on the right path. After being inactive in the job market for so long, some help and coaching is very important. In 2 weekly steps, I shaped my plans and prepared for my next step. With clear feedback, encouragement and expert advice, Panthion supported me."
"Because I was offered a new position with my employer during the process, the outplacement process was converted into a coaching process. Because of this, I can't give suggestions that are helpful to you. I had a particularly good time during our sessions, for which my heartfelt thanks. Rating : 9"
"I liked the outplacement process at Panthion. The practical and goal-oriented approach helped me well in making the right choices in my job search and prepared me well for my job applications. Eventually, this quickly led to a new job. Ultimately, of course, you have to do it yourself, but Panthion helps you get started well, and gets you thinking differently about what is important to you and your career."
"The coach offered to me through Panthion was a very patient and professional coach. I therefore went through the career path with great pleasure and new insights. My coach was very helpful, resourceful, very positive. This very much contributed to the trajectory. A real people person with good knowledge!"

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