A recognizable glimpse into the head (and heart) of the HR consultant

The alarm clock rings. You get up and take a shower. And there begins that gnawing feeling again. That feeling that you are losing your grip on your team’s employability. Naturally, your thoughts turn to that one colleague who has been home sick for months. It started with the flu, but it soon became clear that there was more to it. Looking back, perhaps you should have seen the signs: a slightly shorter fuse, arriving at the office just in time each time and going home at the stroke of five. Moreover, some mistakes had surfaced here and there and the desired results lagged behind. Meanwhile, the pressure is mounting on the team as they struggle with a man down. And just hiring anyone is also not an option in this tight labor market where good people are hard to find.

Your responsibility weighs you down

You dry off, eat a quick breakfast and get in the car. The problem of high absenteeism keeps running through your head. After all, as an HR consultant, you are responsible for resolving the consequences. The conversation you had with your director yesterday also brought little prospect. In the meantime, he’s just as much at a loss and can’t just make sure that that long-term sick colleague gets better quickly.

Would they help you, too?

Then suddenly the name Panthion comes to mind. If you remember correctly you will receive a regular article from them, including on this topic. But also on other HR-related matters. Sometimes you click them away because you are too busy, but often you take a moment to scan the headlines because what they write is exactly what concerns you within your profession. What were they saying the other day? That 9 out of 10 companies do not have a human resources department? And that they think along in multiple areas to unburden HR? They might also help companies that do employ an HR consultant. Because that’s what you’re looking for, someone you can spar with in your field and who knows exactly what you’re talking about. You turn up the radio a little and feel, for the first time this morning, how your body relaxes a little. That’s what you’re going to do, right when you get to the office like this: contact Panthion. As you turn up the radio, the sun shines pleasantly through your car window as you listen to the upbeat song on the radio with a smile. You don’t have to do it alone you realize, and this decision? You should have made this decision much earlier. That would not only have saved you stress, but also provided focus on the rest of your tasks.

Also contact Panthion to finally address that dormant feeling of restlessness? Call 085 401 8200

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