As I know Rik, he is too modest to “advertise” himself and for that reason we asked some of Rik’s clients and principals to say something about him. (By the way, the headline above this text did not come from Rik either, but from an entrepreneur).


Rik (1977) in addition to being a proud- and athletic father, is also the owner and founder of Panthion BV (HR- Career Services) and ViaMensa BV (absenteeism and te-integration). Rik’s career starts some 22 years ago. Rik has spent 12 years with various organizations (profit and nonprofit) as an HR Advisor, HR Business Partner and HR Manager. In 2011, Rik founded Panthion with the ambition to start a leading and distinctive agency with people & organization as a common thread.

A source of inspiration

Successful employees and entrepreneurs have an experienced sparring partner. Rik has suitcases full of tools he can use in the areas of coaching, consulting and HR advice. In addition, he knows his way / the leap of faith from salaried employment to entrepreneurship. When you speak with Rik, you always leave with new ideas and a good feeling. He is inspiring, empathetic and has humor. He also has a tremendous wealth of experience that can take employees, HR advisors and management a step further. Rik gives you new insights, makes you feel good, offers you perspective and knows exactly how to deal with personal or organizational challenges. In addition, Rik has been a project manager for: reorganizations, absenteeism reduction, time management, organizational change, onboarding and recruitment issues, among others.

So Rik’s advice is literally worth GOLD. If you (as an employee, HR professional or director) would like to have a conversation with Rik, you can! We’ll make sure the coffee is ready!

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Business rate.  : € 175, – ex VAT 
Price private person : € 125,- ex vat

If this results in a trajectory with Panthion BV or ViaMensa BV, the costs for the interview will be deducted. 

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