Cooperation within my team is not optimal. How to move forward?

Giving and receiving feedback

Giving and receiving feedback training could be an appropriate solution. Feedback is perhaps the most important fuel to keep a team going well. Through feedback, you create a learning team and therefore a learning organization. However, asking for, giving and receiving feedback is often not so obvious. Our feedback training is a training in which you learn skills as a team on feedback and feedforward. Feedforward has the advantage of focusing on desired and positive behavior in the future. This allows you to work together as a team in a solution-oriented and positive way. During the training we consider what it takes to create a “learning culture” with each other. 

Customized training

Do you have a desire to take your team to the next level in terms of collaboration and open and sincere feedback? Then this training is really for your organization. After a comprehensive intake, we create a customized proposal for your team. Prior to the feedback training itself, all team members receive an invitation to complete what is known as the DISC test. This test provides an excellent picture of each individual’s behavior and motivations. Qualities and pitfalls thus become insightful for both the entire team and individual team members. Self-knowledge and knowledge about each other creates even more understanding and trust on both sides. The test will be discussed individually with the trainer/coach. The training itself -depending on the group size- lasts one day and individual discussions with team members take place beforehand. 

Huge investment

It is often mistakenly thought that training is a huge investment, when in practice, in terms of cost, it is often not that bad. It does represent a huge investment in the team/organization. Upon request, we can provide references from organizations that have gone through this training and are still experiencing the positive effects of it today.

We do have interest in training!

This training is taught by Erwin Wupkes (his profile can be seen on the “about us” page). Erwin is a seasoned trainer and (career) coach. Curious about the possibilities for your organization? If so, please feel free to contact us!

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