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Many of our clients face enormous challenges. The economic impact of Covid19 is huge for certain professions and industries. From the question of what Panthion HR & Career Services could do for various industries and sectors in terms of career and outplacement guidance, a fully digital outplacement / career path was developed. This pathway can be built from several modules (see bottom of this article). The basic outplacement module, we can offer for a flat rate of € 995, excluding VAT. As a client, you can choose to expand the basic module with additional modules and thus shape a customized course and rate.

‘Always customized and attentive to the personal situation.

With this proprietary outplacement platform (set up for individual counseling and groups), HR / the business owner has more control over the mandatory reemployment efforts. Naturally, counseling can focus on internal opportunities (within one’s own organization) or external job opportunities. In addition, this platform offers employees direction over their careers, to be arranged according to time, need, desire and necessity. In addition, several tools are available in accordance with UWV guidelines. The modules and guidance are deployable nationwide.

If you are interested and/or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at or 085-4018200

(Digital) outplacement modules

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