Free career path for government employees

Perhaps you have been considering another position within or outside the central government for some time and/or would like to advance to another position. Then you run into substantive and practical questions, where it can be very pleasant to spar with an experienced career counselor. For example, about the feasibility of your ambitions, how to apply effectively, which job might be a better fit, a clear roadmap or advice around a study.

This is your moment!

Through the current arrangement, there is now an opportunity to start fulfilling this. Especially for government employees, there is a subsidy scheme where you can apply for up to € 1500 (ex VAT) in subsidy for a career trajectory by a Registered Career Professional. Panthion’s career counselors will be happy to help you!

Panthion’s career counselor helped me create a career plan. I have since made a nice move within the government based on this. The course was useful, gave new insights and fortunately there was plenty of laughter.

Esther – Strategic Policy Officer

Can I take advantage of that?

If you are a government employee, within one of these organizations, you can take advantage of the scheme. This does come with some conditions (you have not used the scheme before and have been continuously employed by the State for the past three years). The scheme itself runs no later than June 30, 2022 (or stops sooner if the grant pot is empty).

Trust is good, control is better

You can check your eligibility through this link by answering some questions. Once completed, you will receive information on how to proceed and create a digital file. We are happy to help you!

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