Here’s how to take full advantage of preventive occupational health advice

Profiteer optimaal van preventief arbeidsdeskundig advies

In practice, you often see too long a wait when an employee has been at home for a long time. But why wait until the end of the first year of illness? In many cases, there are early(er) options and solutions. And it is unfortunate for all parties if they are not utilized or not utilized enough. For this reason, on Jan. 1, 2023, through the efforts of ViaMensa, we began offering preventive occupational health counseling. This advice focuses on finding and maintaining the balance between employees’ (sustainable) employability and task load. Based on a thorough analysis and work visit, our labor expert makes concrete recommendations about job duties, work process and work environment, among other things.

The depth of preventive occupational health advice

Preventive occupational health counseling focuses on the task load of employees. And this goes well beyond identifying immediate security risks. Employees themselves are often excellent at identifying challenges in a job and thinking along about possible solutions. Preventive counseling acts as a mirror that reflects on how certain things can be handled differently for success and well-being. The analysis provides a detailed picture of the task load in practice. For example, it considers tracking: which task load is above average and may pose long-term risks to specific staffing levels? This can lead to reduced productivity, attrition or even employee departure.

Here’s how to reduce the load

But how can this burden be reduced to create a better balance? One way this can be achieved is through ergonomic adjustments to the work when physical strain is present, redesign of tasks or a preventive discussion with a professional.

The benefits of preventive occupational health consulting

But are the concrete benefits of preventive occupational health counseling? Then consider concrete recommendations for a sustainable balance between employees’ task load and their workload capacity.

Practical insights and advice, which often form the basis for (further) developing vitality, absence or training policies. The advice and recommendations at both the employee and organizational level help prevent direct and indirect costs of absenteeism, attrition or declining productivity.

Take action

The urgency for timely intervention is crucial. Don’t wait until the employee has been sick for a year. Because the earlier you start, the more time you allow to reintegrate before the end of the second year of illness.

Conclusion: invest timely in sustainable employability

Offering preventive occupational health advice from the beginning of sick leave is a valuable investment in the sustainable employability of employees. ViaMensa is ready to support organizations in optimizing employee workloads and creating a healthy work environment. Act now and give employees the opportunity to perform at their best.

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