Interim HR Manager Rotterdam

Interim HR Manager Rotterdam

A good human resources policy is the basis of a healthy organization and a good interim. HR managers and professionals are indispensable in this. Sometimes an HR employee falls out due to illness, pregnancy or reorganization, for example. If additional expertise is then needed, Panthion offers the solution by quickly providing the organization with interim HR personnel. That keeps everything running smoothly in the HR field. Personnel management is in good hands with our interim HR professionals, and the organization’s focus can quickly return to stress-free business.

What does an interim (manager) HR do?

HR personnel are responsible for a company or organization’s human resources policy. They are the liaison between management and employees. When HR policies are in good hands, it is easier for an organization to achieve its goals. For example, an interim HR professional can temporarily strengthen an organization during illness or a major project. But also with complex legislation or a reorganization. A good interim HR manager knows how to handle this and how HR policies within an organization can be organized in a pleasant way professionally.

An HR Manager within 72 hours

Panthion is the specialist in filling interim HR positions is Rotterdam. Thanks to the presence of our headquarters in Rotterdam, we know the local market well and have a large candidate database of interim HR professionals. Within 72 hours, we can introduce multiple interim HR professionals to you. Some interim positions we have been able to fill in the HR area in recent times are:
  • Sr. HR Advisor (government)
  • Employee benefits consultant (multinational)
  • Consultant learning & development (multinational)
  • HR Manager (retail)
  • Office Manager / PA (retail)
  • HR Manager (multinational company)
  • Advisor HR (healthcare)
  • Sr. HR & Payroll consultant (government)
  • HR Assistant (government)

Interim HR always means customization

We understand that people are not a cost but the capital of an organization. With a good HR policy driven by the right HR managers, organizational strategy and human resource management can be perfectly aligned. We help find the right interim HR professionals. Customization in finding the right interim HR professional or manager in Rotterdam, therefore, is paramount. Therefore, we are not only curious about what is in the job profile, but more importantly, what is not in it. This is how we find the perfect interim HR manager or HR employee who fits well within your team not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but also as a person.

Now to solve your Hr problem?

Quickly strengthen your HR department in Rotterdam with the right interim HR professional? Panthion will provide you with an interim HR professional or manager who is a perfect fit for your organization. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities of hiring an interim staff.

Added value

Our support saves you time and therefore money. Hours you would otherwise need to master the constantly changing laws and regulations. In addition, the risks when it comes to employment contracts, for example, are not always easy to oversee and can thus become unintentionally costly. We are happy to take these tasks off your hands, leaving you more time to do what you really need to do: business. We also work with an employment lawyer for additional support.

Why Panthion?

Jackling Engineering
Jackling Engineering
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"We asked Panthion to fill a position to temporarily underpin our team. Panthion presented us with enthusiastic interim professionals within three business days. In the end, our chosen professional was able to start within two weeks. Top-notch support!"
John van Lent
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"As an organization, we needed to fill an interim HR position. Panthion provided us with several top candidates within four working days. In the end, our #1 was able to start within a week. Time, attention and quality. I can definitely recommend Panthion as a partner for HR interim search. "

Lasting relationship

Panthion strives to build lasting relationships with its clients. This allows us to get to know your business well, grow with your business, so to speak, and be a constant factor in your operations. The better we know you and your business, the better we can advise and support you. We are happy to help you with your human resources management so that problems can be prevented rather than solved.

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"Because I was offered a new position with my employer during the process, the outplacement process was converted into a coaching process. Because of this, I can't give suggestions that are helpful to you. I had a particularly good time during our sessions, for which my heartfelt thanks. Rating : 9"
"Whereas many agencies opt for exorbitant recruitment & selection fees, Panthion maintains a healthy approach with ditto pricing. Last month our new HR Business Partner started after recruitment & selection by Panthion's recruiters."
"I transferred from a municipality through a one-year mobility shift. Within seven months, Panthion placed me with a new employer. This really should have happened to me years earlier...."
"As an organization, we needed to fill an interim HR position. Panthion provided us with several top candidates within four business days. Finally, our No. 1 was able to start within a week. Time, attention and quality. I can definitely recommend Panthion as a partner for HR interim search."
"I want to thank Panthion very much for all the support and help they have given me, because I had a hard time and I am doing much better now. The psychologist I was also seeing has contributed little or nothing to my recovery in my opinion. Panthion was really the party that gave me the right handles to get me through."
"After being laid off last fall after more than 30 years due to a reorganization, I found Panthion willing to help me look for a new job. From the very first meeting, I felt I had made an excellent choice. Positive, realistic and stimulating were the first experiences where Panthion's career counselor put me on the right path. After being inactive in the job market for so long, some help and coaching is very important. In 2 weekly steps, I shaped my plans and prepared for my next step. With clear feedback, encouragement and expert advice, Panthion supported me."

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