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Interim (manager) HR The Hague

HR management is the foundation of a healthy organization. In this, experienced interim HR professionals and managers are indispensable to deal with fluctuations in pressure. Does an HR employee drop out or temporarily need additional manpower or expertise? Such as when the organization grows, maternity leave a major project or reorganization? Then Panthion will provide your organization with interim HR personnel at short notice so that everything in the HR field continues to run smoothly. With our interim HR professionals, an ad hoc staffing situation in The Hague is quickly resolved. That way the focus can quickly return to stress-free business.

Value of an HR interim (manager)

HR management is the bridge between management and staff. An HR department that is in good order makes it easier to achieve stated organizational goals. Are there fluctuations in workload? That’s when an interim HR professional can take the pressure off. It also makes it easy to bring in knowledge about complex legislation or a reorganization. A good interim HR manager can take the lead in (re)organizing a department.

Multiple candidates within 72 hours

Want to quickly bring in interim HR personnel in The Hague who are a good fit for your organization? Panthion has a local presence with a call location in The Hague, giving us a strong network. Thanks to our large candidate database, we can introduce multiple interim HR professionals to you within 72 hours. Thus, we were able to provide the following vacancies with a suitable interim HR professional in the recent period.
  • HR Assistant (government)
  • Office Manager / PA (retail)
  • Consultant learning & development (multinational)
  • HR Manager (retail)
  • Sr. HR & Payroll consultant (government)
  • HR Manager (multinational company)
  • Employee benefits consultant (multinational)
  • Sr. HR Advisor (government)
  • Advisor HR (healthcare)

Always the right HR interim

Panthion understands better than anyone that personnel is not an expense, but the working capital of an organization. By matching the right HR professional to an organization, organizational strategy and HR policies can be perfectly aligned. We make sure you have the right HR interim staff. That’s why we always provide customized services when we introduce an HR manager or employee to you. Therefore, we are not only curious about the content of your HR job posting, but especially about what it does not contain. In this way, we find the ideal HR employee or HR manager who not only possesses the required knowledge and skills, but also fits in well with your organization as a person.

Hiring an HR Manager today?

To add fresh blood to your HR department in The Hague, contact us. If so, we will provide you with an HR manager and/or HR assistant to join your team in the near future.

Added value

Our support saves you time and therefore money. Hours you would otherwise need to master the constantly changing laws and regulations. In addition, the risks when it comes to employment contracts, for example, are not always easy to oversee and can thus become unintentionally costly. We are happy to take these tasks off your hands, leaving you more time to do what you really need to do: business. We also work with an employment lawyer for additional support.

Why Panthion?

Jackling Engineering
Jackling Engineering
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"We asked Panthion to fill a position to temporarily underpin our team. Panthion presented us with enthusiastic interim professionals within three business days. In the end, our chosen professional was able to start within two weeks. Top-notch support!"
John van Lent
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"As an organization, we needed to fill an interim HR position. Panthion provided us with several top candidates within four working days. In the end, our #1 was able to start within a week. Time, attention and quality. I can definitely recommend Panthion as a partner for HR interim search. "

Lasting relationship

Panthion strives to build lasting relationships with its clients. This allows us to get to know your business well, grow with your business, so to speak, and be a constant factor in your operations. The better we know you and your business, the better we can advise and support you. We are happy to help you with your human resources management so that problems can be prevented rather than solved.

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"I transferred from a municipality through a one-year mobility shift. Within seven months, Panthion placed me with a new employer. This really should have happened to me years earlier...."
"We asked Panthion to fill a position as a temporary underpinning of our team. Panthion presented us with enthusiastic interim professionals within three business days. In the end, our chosen professional was able to start within two weeks. Top notch support!"
"For many years I have enjoyed working with Panthion/ViaMensa. Outplacement and 2nd track processes for the Safety Region Rotterdam are carried out qualitatively and with good results. In addition, I can always spar with Rik in finding customized solutions for our employees which I find valuable. Honest, reliable and professional, the way I should expect and get!"
"About Panthion's leadership training: It was a nice day with a pleasant group. The training gave me insights and concrete tools. Thank you for organizing this training and the aftercare moments. All in all, incredibly educational. Nice to experience how the trainer can create an environment where you can feel safe enough to share personal / not everyday issues with the group. It was an inspiring journey. "
"The coach offered to me through Panthion was a very patient and professional coach. I therefore went through the career path with great pleasure and new insights. My coach was very helpful, resourceful, very positive. This very much contributed to the trajectory. A real people person with good knowledge!"
"I started a program at Panthion because I was not in my place at my old employer. I didn't really know what I wanted in the next job, which makes job searching quite difficult. For this reason, we started looking at what I really wanted. Panthion's career counselor helped me a lot with that. Together we looked at what I can do and what I want. Then my coach helped me get my resume all in order and write cover letters. When I had a job interview, she helped me very much to prepare for it. As a result, on my first job application, I was offered a job that is exactly what I am looking for! So thanks to Panthion, I found the perfect place in a very short time."

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