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Do you want to be able to do business stress-free? Then it is important to have your HR department in good order. Indeed, this is the bridge between management and staff. Therefore, keeping this department in order is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is prudent to (temporarily) augment this department during growth, illness or pregnancy. You can leave the labor-intensive process of finding the right candidate to recruitment and selection agency Panthion. We have extensive knowledge of the job market in The Hague and a rich network of candidates. Our experienced consultants do all the specialized research, ensuring you get a candidate who is a good match for your organization.

We always provide customization

The ideal candidate is not only a specialist in his/her field, but also a good fit for the organization as a person. This is the reason why our recruitment agency always offers customized services. We therefore provide a thorough screening process, looking beyond the CV and job description. By also paying attention to what is not in it, we can select even better. This is how our recruitment agency finds the perfect candidate in our network to strengthen your organization in The Hague.

This is how we go about recruitment and selection

Is this your first introduction to our recruitment agency? If so, in the introductory meeting we will first take the time to get to know each other and your organization better. After this, we explore what HR work your organization could use reinforcement for, and prepare a detailed job profile and job description. We then use this to search our network for suitable candidates. In the next step, we invite promising candidates to our recruitment office in The Hague. Here we discuss the candidates’ experience and expectations and, of course, the assignment. If there is an optimal match, we will introduce up to three candidates to you. The time frame that this process takes at our recruitment agency is one to three months from the initial application.

Always clear and transparent

Our recruitment agency is adept at finding the right professionals for HR, Finance and administrative positions. We always do this on the basis of exclusivity and a predetermined rate for the entire process. With us, no opaque fees with percentages over annual income but a clear cost sheet. We always work clearly and transparently.

Engage recruitment and selection agency The Hague

Looking for (temporary) expansion in the HR field? Our recruitment agency will help you find the right candidate. Please feel free to contact us for more information or an appointment.

Added value

Our support saves you time and therefore money. Hours you would otherwise need to master the constantly changing laws and regulations. In addition, the risks when it comes to employment contracts, for example, are not always easy to oversee and can thus become unintentionally costly. We are happy to take these tasks off your hands, leaving you more time to do what you really need to do: business. We also work with an employment lawyer for additional support.

Why Panthion?

Jackling Engineering
Jackling Engineering
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"We asked Panthion to fill a position to temporarily underpin our team. Panthion presented us with enthusiastic interim professionals within three business days. In the end, our chosen professional was able to start within two weeks. Top-notch support!"
John van Lent
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"As an organization, we needed to fill an interim HR position. Panthion provided us with several top candidates within four working days. In the end, our #1 was able to start within a week. Time, attention and quality. I can definitely recommend Panthion as a partner for HR interim search. "

Lasting relationship

Panthion strives to build lasting relationships with its clients. This allows us to get to know your business well, grow with your business, so to speak, and be a constant factor in your operations. The better we know you and your business, the better we can advise and support you. We are happy to help you with your human resources management so that problems can be prevented rather than solved.

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"After more than 16 years with my previous employer, it was the end of the road for me and I had to look for a new job. I ended up at Panthion through the Internet and at the intake interview with my career counselor there was an immediate click and a good feeling. The continued guidance of my outplacement process was fantastic, I can't say otherwise. Clear communication and agreements, good and competent advice and guidance, infectious enthusiasm. The excellent guidance in writing my letters and good preparation for job interviews helped me tremendously. The LinkedIn workshop was also very informative and valuable. And after 5 months of outplacement through Panthion, I found a fantastic job where I am having a great time. All in all, a tremendously positive experience!"
"Whereas many agencies opt for exorbitant recruitment & selection fees, Panthion maintains a healthy approach with ditto pricing. Last month our new HR Business Partner started after recruitment & selection by Panthion's recruiters."
"I liked the outplacement process at Panthion. The practical and goal-oriented approach helped me well in making the right choices in my job search and prepared me well for my job applications. Eventually, this quickly led to a new job. Ultimately, of course, you have to do it yourself, but Panthion helps you get started well, and gets you thinking differently about what is important to you and your career."
"After a reorganization, our HR team had to be reshaped. Panthion not only successfully redeployed much of our "old" team, but also found three new candidates who will shape our HR team of the future. To the great satisfaction of management and staff."
"Because I was offered a new position with my employer during the process, the outplacement process was converted into a coaching process. Because of this, I can't give suggestions that are helpful to you. I had a particularly good time during our sessions, for which my heartfelt thanks. Rating : 9"
"As an organization, we needed to fill an interim HR position. Panthion provided us with several top candidates within four business days. Finally, our No. 1 was able to start within a week. Time, attention and quality. I can definitely recommend Panthion as a partner for HR interim search."

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