Second track route Hague

Second track route Hague

Long-term sick leave is an undesirable situation for both employee and employer. The employer misses the employee’s contribution in the workplace while they are on the sidelines. When a return to one’s own job is no longer possible, an employer is obliged to initiate a second-track process in the second year of illness. In this, an employee receives assistance in finding suitable work at another company. Under the banner of our ViaMensa brand, Panthion supervises this second track process with experienced coaches. This is how you as an employer keep a grip on your healthcare records.

Second track path offers opportunities

With a second track program you offer the failed employee optimal chances for reintegration. He or she may have become partially or totally disabled due to physical or psychological damage, but during a second track we look at what is possible. By identifying the employee’s interests and qualities, new opportunities arise. We then train the employee on how to create a neat cover letter and resume, as well as how to conduct a job interview. Thanks to our meeting location in The Hague, we know the local job market well and know where opportunities exist. We therefore have a strong network and the right contacts to help the employee find a suitable job in The Hague through a second track process.

Customization in finding suitable work

Because every person is different and the possibilities and wishes differ from person to person, a second track always requires customization by a specialist. ViaMensa has experienced specialists who also understand that saying goodbye to the old employer involves some grieving. Together with the employee, they search for an appropriate and sustainable solution in a targeted second track process. Our goal is to find suitable work in The Hague for the employee and a closed reintegration file for the employer.

The success of a second track process

With a second track project, ViaMensa is able to avert further damage for the employer in 73% of health care cases by preventing entry into the WGA. In 39% of cases, this is as a result of finding a new job. By keeping a close eye on the UWV guidelines, we manage to avoid a wage sanction on the activities of the second track in 98% of the care cases. Thanks to a second track program, an employee can quickly return to work and the costs for the employer are reduced.

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Added value

Our support saves you time and therefore money. Hours you would otherwise need to master the constantly changing laws and regulations. In addition, the risks when it comes to employment contracts, for example, are not always easy to oversee and can thus become unintentionally costly. We are happy to take these tasks off your hands, leaving you more time to do what you really need to do: business. We also work with an employment lawyer for additional support.

Why Panthion?

Jackling Engineering
Jackling Engineering
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"We asked Panthion to fill a position to temporarily underpin our team. Panthion presented us with enthusiastic interim professionals within three business days. In the end, our chosen professional was able to start within two weeks. Top-notch support!"
John van Lent
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"As an organization, we needed to fill an interim HR position. Panthion provided us with several top candidates within four working days. In the end, our #1 was able to start within a week. Time, attention and quality. I can definitely recommend Panthion as a partner for HR interim search. "

Lasting relationship

Panthion strives to build lasting relationships with its clients. This allows us to get to know your business well, grow with your business, so to speak, and be a constant factor in your operations. The better we know you and your business, the better we can advise and support you. We are happy to help you with your human resources management so that problems can be prevented rather than solved.

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"I know Rik as a humble, well-qualified professional with an eye for detail. Actively involved in what is necessary, without being in the foreground, but clearly keeping the intended goal in mind. I have found the conversations from Panthion to be positively inspiring. My coach gave me a beautiful mirror through these conversations and assignments. I look back fondly on our discussions held and am pleased with the results achieved."
"For many years I have enjoyed working with Panthion/ViaMensa. Outplacement and 2nd track processes for the Safety Region Rotterdam are carried out qualitatively and with good results. In addition, I can always spar with Rik in finding customized solutions for our employees which I find valuable. Honest, reliable and professional, the way I should expect and get!"
"After more than 16 years with my previous employer, it was the end of the road for me and I had to look for a new job. I ended up at Panthion through the Internet and at the intake interview with my career counselor there was an immediate click and a good feeling. The continued guidance of my outplacement process was fantastic, I can't say otherwise. Clear communication and agreements, good and competent advice and guidance, infectious enthusiasm. The excellent guidance in writing my letters and good preparation for job interviews helped me tremendously. The LinkedIn workshop was also very informative and valuable. And after 5 months of outplacement through Panthion, I found a fantastic job where I am having a great time. All in all, a tremendously positive experience!"
"About Panthion's leadership training: It was a nice day with a pleasant group. The training gave me insights and concrete tools. Thank you for organizing this training and the aftercare moments. All in all, incredibly educational. Nice to experience how the trainer can create an environment where you can feel safe enough to share personal / not everyday issues with the group. It was an inspiring journey. "
"I want to thank Panthion very much for all the support and help they have given me, because I had a hard time and I am doing much better now. The psychologist I was also seeing has contributed little or nothing to my recovery in my opinion. Panthion was really the party that gave me the right handles to get me through."
"Panthion had a role in our organizational consulting process. Rik (of Panthion) is a strong personality where confidence, enthusiasm and perseverance are his strongest character traits. As an HRM manager, he handles organizational changes involving personnel issues with professionalism, integrity and decisiveness. Rik thinks in solutions."

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