Career counseling: win-win

Gone are the days when a civil servant stayed with an organization for his entire working life. Flexibility is needed more than ever to keep up with changes in the industry. Flexibility and long-term thinking. If you know now that in four years you will have a shortage of people with more digital knowledge, for example, you can anticipate that now. Career counseling is a great tool in this regard.

Passion and fulfillment
Of all the people working in the Netherlands, more than half are not in the right place. During the course of building a career, control of the career is often (unconsciously) relinquished, because obvious career choices in combination with, for example, greater security or financial benefits are not always in line with motivations and ambitions. The employee may lose sight of what job, position or company is a really good fit. Or little is invested in personal development and ambitions are lowered. Employees in the life stage starting in their forties then often find that material things become less and less important, they are more concerned with what they have to offer the world. A distinct time to use career counseling to better align careers with needs at this stage. To seek again the passion and fulfillment that was more natural at the beginning of the career.

Plugging Holes
These employees with career challenges are also in your organization. Often career questions and guidance only become an issue when there is dysfunction or reorganization. And then, as an employer, you fish behind the net. If you look a little further ahead and know where holes are going to fall in your organization in a few years, you can anticipate that with the employees who are employed. To govern is to foresee. Career counseling is then a tool you use in pursuing a career within the organization. So that the employee can determine how and in what position he can regain his job happiness and the organization can certainly fill future gaps. A win-win situation, with the positive side effect that motivated employees reduce absenteeism and are a calling card for your organization!

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