Commitment important in mobility employment

As an employer, you obviously want to take good care of your staff. Also for the departing employees. All government or educational organizations are self-risk bearers for unemployment costs and counseling for other employment. To limit the financial burden and ensure that your departing employee gets all the guidance he or she needs to find a suitable job, mobility employment is a godsend.

For a government employee who is nearing the end of tenure for whatever reason, the prospect of work with future prospects with another employer is a great opportunity. With mobility employment, the employee, while retaining salary and full ABP pension accrual, temporarily joins Panthion. We make every effort to guide him to new, suitable work (or to entrepreneurship if there is that desire). The alternative -a settlement agreement and unemployment benefits- offers fewer job prospects, a sharp decline in income and a gap in pension accrual. This can be a choice, of course, but the employee must then look for other work without guidance. This is not an easy task for everyone. A mobility employment with Panthion offers individual professional coaching by a career advisor, an inspiring workplace, challenging project work, use of a great network and the peace of mind to look for a great job. These are welcome “tools” for taking a new step into the job market. Especially if it comes with financial security. All with the goal of pursuing a career with a new (government) employer.

Charges upon termination of appointment
In addition to the intensive counseling, the cost to HR/organization can certainly be a consideration for considering mobility employment for the departing colleague. According to Article 72 a WW, the (former) employer is responsible for statutory WW expenses. In addition, the (former) employer is responsible for guidance towards work throughout the WW period. For example, an employee with a gross salary of €4,000 may represent a potential financial (indicative) risk to the organization of €170,000. That includes employer charges, statutory notice period, maximum unemployment duration, compensation and counseling. Of course, this also depends on employment history, working conditions and individual agreements. The cost of mobility employment is significantly lower. So this is a worthwhile investment (not only financially, but also in terms of your employee’s future).

With mobility employment, it is important to make the right choice. No one benefits if the ex-employee still has to claim unemployment after employment. Choose an organization with passion for people and work. Enthusiastic, certified career counselors who really go for it. An organization with proven high outflow results, knowledge of the labor market in the right region and a large and relevant network. Where commitment is both given and demanded. Because without trust and the right “click,” an employee will not feel at home. An organization where the employee is part of a team, so he can eventually move on to his new job with great job satisfaction!

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