‘From head to heart, then the rest will come naturally,’ Claudia Füss, coach for Panthion

‘When someone reports to me with burnout-related symptoms, I pay attention to four main lines. So says Claudia Füss, owner of a Life Questions and Leadership practice and experienced coach for Panthion. You can come to her if you are looking for a resting place to reinvent yourself, take better care of yourself, strengthen your intuition, get a grip on difficult situations, set new goals, change something that has been bothering you for a long time or if you want to talk about life, death, career, relationships, life mission or spiritual experiences. ‘In the intake interview we consider the physical part, the psychological part, the social part and the spiritual aspect of the complaints. Together with the client, I examine where exactly the pain points are. Then we look at how we can solve them concretely. We do this by using a step-by-step plan, in which we first look at how someone can come to rest as quickly as possible. This can be, for example, by walking, through conversations or through silence exercises.’

Patterns from childhood return to the workplace

‘I also deal a lot with systemic coaching, looking at force fields within family relationships, among other things. You often see people drop out at work, but this does not always mean that the symptoms are work-related. Frequently you see that patterns from a person’s childhood underlie his or her current problems. That new insight alone can help someone change, accept or overcome things.

At Panthion, people are truly the center of attention

‘I enjoy coaching for Panthion. Owner Rik I have known since elementary school: we can read and write with each other, precisely because we know each other so well. What I like about Panthion is that it really puts people first. As coaches, we each look very closely at what is needed for a client. Values and ideals are more important here than making money. That’s what makes this collaboration authentic and genuine. When I think of this partnership, terms such as attention, empathy and genuine interest come naturally to mind. This is no ordinary job, this is something you do with your heart and soul.

Prevention works

‘I am very much in favor of prevention. By that I mean that people who have not yet dropped out, but are tiptoeing, are often helped with just 1 to 2 conversations. This is also an easier path for the client himself than when someone is already completely burned out at home. By prevention, you can think about empowering someone, teaching them time management or instituting better self-care. The idea that, even in tight work situations, you are always in control can give a lot of air. Just like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, listening to your body, exercising and taking regular quiet moments. This can restore a sense of gratitude and joy. That can save SO much time, money and energy. And that’s why this is very interesting for companies. Not only because they help their employees very well with this, but also because by opting for preventive action, they stay away from a long-term costly coaching program.

Want to discuss this topic further? Or getting to work on that one colleague you’ve been worried about for some time? Please contact us for an informal discussion.

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