Gain(ing) insight (in €) into what waste reduction or savings are possible with targeted sustainable employability policies?

Recently Panthion B.V. and ViaMensa B.V. started working with a calculation tool of the National Platform Sustainable Employability and TNO. This calculation tool provides immediate insight into what (measures in the field of) sustainable employability can benefit your organization.

5 success factors for lasting sustainable employability policies

  • Provide a clear and inspiring mission and vision to guide the direction of the organization;
  • Support for the mission, vision and policies in all levels of the organization;
  • Attention to all employees and their needs;
  • Encourage and facilitate self-direction of his/her sustainable employability;
  • HR and direct managers play a major role in facilitating and encouraging sustainable employability.

We consider it normal to spend 10 percent on the maintenance of machinery and equipment. Why should we be less generous to our human capital….

What do we mean by waste?
If you have an employee who drops out due to symptoms at time X, this has always been preceded by a period of reduced productivity. This could be days, or it could be years. For example, due to decrease in motivation, informal care, work/life imbalance, etc. As a result, your employee did not bring in the salary that was being paid at that time. This is classified as waste.

If you have 80 employees with a wage bill of €3.5 million and an absenteeism rate of 3.5%, your absenteeism costs are roughly around €160K per year. We often know quite well what absenteeism costs the organization, but not the “waste” of employees who, for example:

  • Have moderate health (but continue to work);
  • Not willing to learn new things (but working through them);
  • Being (very) dissatisfied with work (but continuing to work);
  • Performing informal care duties (but continuing to work);
  • Having difficulty with work-life balance (but continuing to work).

I especially need numbers. What does it benefit me as an employer?
With our certification for the TNO tool Kosten Baten Duurzame Inzetbaarheid we map these hidden costs (waste) for your organization (measurable and in €) and advise which tools you can deploy to significantly reduce this waste. With this tool, we not only charge the hidden costs, but we can also provide insight into what measures you can deploy and the savings that will result.

Want to know more about these or other opportunities around sustainable employability?
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