Because of COVID-19, we are by necessity in a new reality. Working from home, caring for children, worrying about parents, less socializing, less attention to exercise and relaxation, etc.

We also see this new reality reflected in the numbers: more employees are worrying, experiencing stress and absenteeism. For this reason, speed coaching sessions are organized for many clients. During these speed coaching sessions, all employees from the organization are given time and opportunity to spar with a professional coach.

Questions asked by employees:
– How do I give myself enough attention?
– How should I handle stress during this lockdown?
– How do I resolve a conflict if I can’t get to the office?
– How do I get out of a dilemma quickly?
– How can I still raise my profile in these times?
– How do I take good care of myself and my family in these strange times?

“By nature, I am not very open to such conversations, but in the discussions with Panthion’s coach, I quickly dropped my reservations. In the two conversations, I was really able to put my money where my mouth was and focused precisely on opportunities during this period and applied exercises to better unwind.”

Rob (healthcare employee)

A speed coaching session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and often our clients purchase a set “package” in which all employees can use coaching.

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