In 5 steps to a new career

How will you achieve your career goal? Career counseling consists of several stages: goal setting, awareness, choosing and actually taking new steps.

Do these questions ever haunt your mind?

  • I want something different after years, but I really have no idea what?
  • My contract will not be renewed. Do I want to do the same kind of work or do I go for something different?
  • I sense that it is time for something else, but I find it exciting and don’t know where and how to begin my search
  • I want to look for a job that I am really passionate about. Where does my passion actually lie? That’s what I want to find out

Then apply these 5 tips to get off to a good start

  • Think about which occupational areas best suit you;
  • What are your passions, drives, qualities, values, needs, personality, interests, abilities and competencies?
  • In which work environment do you do best?
  • What elements do you really want to see reflected in your work, career and life?
  • Create a career action plan for yourself

Is a career path for me?

Well if you want to get a well-formulated answer to the topics below:

  • Want to know what your dream job looks like and how to find it?
  • What gives you real satisfaction in work?
  • If you want work that energizes you and makes you happy;
  • If you really want to get started with yourself and your career!

Can’t I just do that myself?

Discovering qualities in relation to work that suits you is a process of insights and self-reflection. This self-reflection (which comes about through coaching, testing, mirroring, experiencing and questioning) helps you to get a better view of your employability inside or outside the organization. Then an experienced career counselor (from Panthion) is very nice and sometimes even indispensable.

In a career journey, all considerations and questions of importance are addressed step by step. Our career counselor gives you immediate feedback, thinking and advice. The result is twofold: a personal profile (personal branding) and an action plan. In addition, we will help you within our network.

I do want to work on this!

You can contact us at 085-4018200 or by emailing

€1000 per year to attend training!

Workers and job seekers can apply for a STAP budget of up to €1,000 per year for training and development. You can use this grant for a training, course or education. The grant is called STAP, which stands for STimulating Labor Market Position. Have you completed an education of up to MBO2 level and are looking for a suitable course? Then you can get free advice from a career counselor. If you are actually going to take a course, then you may be able to use the STAP budget to do so. That means you can apply for a maximum of €1000 per year to do that training.

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