Outplacement: how to choose the right agency? 7 tips!

The right support is obviously very nice when it comes to career questions. In this article, we provide more information and an answer to the question: Outplacement: how do I choose the right agency?

Some people reach the top rung of the ladder only to discover that it is against the wrong wall.

How often do you think about a new step in your career? Maybe you already have a plan ready, or maybe you’re waiting until you’re completely fed up. You are really not the first to wait to think about a new position elsewhere until there is: conflict, illness, stress, dysfunction or a mismatch between your talents and your position. While it is so nice to make a well-considered choice from a place of rest. Outplacement can be a good tool to help you further on your way towards that new (dream) job.

When exactly is outplacement?

Actually, outplacement is nothing more than guiding employees to a new job outside their current employer. The manner in which this counseling takes place and the manner in which the agreements are reached-including compensation for outplacement-is often part of the termination or settlement agreement (#VSO). In situations involving reorganization, possible forced dismissal or where you yourself may want to quit your current employer, customized arrangements are possible. Upon termination of employment, it is wise to employ outplacement counseling.

Even in situations where you don’t want to leave your employer, but want to reinvigorate your career, Panthion offers several #careerprograms. Consider, for example, a #career orientation course, a career APK or an #outplacement course.

How to choose a good outplacement agency: 7 tips!

In this market, it is sometimes difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. What to look for when choosing a good Outplacement agency

  • Choose an agency with knowledge of the regional labor market. So an agency with a network and contacts in your area of residence. An agency with good knowledge of your region can often use informal channels to increase the chances of finding a suitable position;
  • Personal
    Look for an agency that offers personalized outplacement programs that fit your needs. It is important to have a human factor present during the #outplacement process to help employees make a smooth career transition;
  • Size of the (regional) network
    Many employers and employees ask us, “Do you also have experience in the: healthcare / manufacturing / government / technology etc?” The importance of a good #career agency is that they have precisely no tunnel vision, but a widely available network. That way you can guide people from healthcare into construction or from firefighting into education. An agency with a large regional network is enormously nice;
  • Cost
    #Outplacement costs are highly dependent on the outplacement program chosen, the intensity of the program and the duration of the process. So don’t just look at the cost, but rather the quality of the program offered;
  • (Online) support/resources
    In addition to individual coaching, it is important that you can also fall back on online support. For example, through a user-friendly career portal, online coaching opportunities, online tests and online counseling;
  • The right professionals
    Make sure you choose an agency with certified professionals. Career counselors with a good track record and extensive experience in assisting people with career questions;
  • Involvement
    You shouldn’t feel like a number. An outplacement process is always customized and it is important that the agency looks at your background, wishes and requirements. Based on this, a customized plan can be created where involvement is the foundation. In addition, it is nice to work with one professional and thus choose a specialist agency.

Panthion has partnered with a training agency, through which we can kickstart your career progression.  This in the form of an online master class of five modules, a workbook and podcasts. The ideal combination of online and offline guidance.

What can an outplacement program (for individual pathways or groups) look like at Panthion?

As mentioned earlier, we always work on a customized basis. This means that based on a personal conversation (the intake), we create a customized program. Our guidance results in an 82% success rate. The trajectories with us last from 3 to 6 months. In our outplacement program, we go through several phases:

  • Dismissal processing
    Surely job loss is a traumatic event for many people. It is more than just loss of income. Work is one of our certainties and provides safety, status, security and self-confidence. Thus, we also guide well in this phase of “acceptance” of dismissal
  • Self-analysis
    Who am I, what can I do, what do I want and how will I achieve it? The answers to these questions form the basis of your job search. You get to work with a clear profile of yourself. That profile includes your expertise, skills and competencies. But also from an overview of industries, organizations and positions that suit you.
  • Labor Market Orientation
    What does the #labor market look like, what jobs are there and which ones appeal to me? It could just be that this is your first time looking for new work. Many workers are asked for a job or “rolled into it.” It is important that you make conscious choices now and go for a job that really suits you.
  • Social Media / PR
    The opportunities to make new contacts are endless. This can be done over a cup of coffee, but of course also through social media. #LinkedIn, #Facebook, #Instagram. There are endless ways to facilitate you. We help and guide you to use the right tools in this. Of course, we will help you with a new #CV a distinctive #motivation letter, #solicitation training, a #elevator pitch and the use of social media.
  • Jobhunting
    To find new (non-public) job openings, we make good use of our network. Our #jobhunters approach potential employers directly and indirectly. Non-public job postings obviously have a higher success rate than those already published in the media. We remain in constant contact.
  • Aftercare
    Finally, at the end of the outplacement process, you have often found or are in the process of finding a new job. In the final stage, you will have regular contact with our career counselor to tell you how things are going. You can also contact our career counselor for questions regarding contract, probation and terms of employment.

We are happy to help you!

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