Sustainable partnership with Justdiggit

Sometimes as an entrepreneur you have those very special moments and this is one of them: we entered into a collaboration/partnership with Justdiggit since the first quarter of this year. This collaboration stems from my personal desire to enter into a sustainable partnership with an organization that is literally making the earth greener and cooler.

A mission to green and cool Africa

37% of the climate problem can be solved with nature-based solutions. This involves seeking an interplay between technical solutions and nature-based solutions. In this last piece in particular, Justdiggit makes tremendous strides. Justdiggit mobilizes and connects people worldwide to bring nature back. To date, they have greened more than 60,000 acres and reduced 9.1 million trees and are building a grassroots movement that is growing every day. Now is the time to accelerate and scale up. Their mission is to green Africa in the next 10 years, together with millions of farmers, and together with you and us.

In practice

In practice, this partnership means that we donate a fixed percentage to Justdiggit on every order. Justdiggit in turn uses these donations to -among other things- restore vegetation to grasslands and fields in Africa. They do this by transferring knowledge and inspiration and mobilizing millions of small-scale farmers and pastoralists in Africa to start greening their own land. A win-win. For them, and for the rest of our planet: in fact, by greening degraded land in Africa on a large scale, we can cool the earth again. The results are beautiful. View the 2021 results and/or Justdiggit’s website here.

Kind regards,

Rik Berghout
Director Panthion / ViaMensa

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