1.3 million Dutch are sitting at home due to burnout

If existing solutions are not effective, how do you solve that as an employer? Each absentee employee incurs about €250 per day in costs.

In our programs on vitality, (work) stress and burnout, we find that the combination of outside coaching and breathing training increases stress resistance, improves dealing with work pressure and shortens the period of absence. We chose to collaborate with Glimp. Panthion, as a collaborative partner, may use the Glimp Pebbles (see image of the Pebbles below) to support our coaching sessions.

Effectively, we find that the combination of vitality coaching and breathing therapy results in 73% recovery within 120 days.

Effective management of absenteeism
The beauty of our form of vitality coaching (outdoor walking) is, people literally and figuratively get air and take steps. There is faster progression in recovery, more overview and thus direction of the overall situation and more space to think and make choices. In addition, we support in phased construction towards work and a targeted approach with advice around absence prevention.

Glimp’s handheld Pebbles

Glimp’s Pebbles support (in addition to our vitality coaching) breathing training. This allows you to “make a habit” of quiet breathing. The (science-based) breathing exercises help the body relax naturally. You quickly experience more peace, control and relaxation, and our vitality coaches have visibility into your progress. The Pebbles offer guided breathing exercises through haptic and auditory feedback. You don’t have to purchase the Pebbles. These are part of the trajectory.

Our coaching in combination with the Pebbles also helps to better control anxiety and panic through better breathing.

Something for you or your colleague(s)?

Fill out the form at this link. Call us at 085-4018200 or email us at hoekanikjehelpen@panthion.nl Through our website, an app message is also possible. We are currently offering vitality coaching for three months with exclusive use of the Pebbles for
€ 595,-

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