How do you make employees sustainably employable? And what does that yield?

Sustainable employability: investment or wasted money?

The rising state pension age makes it necessary for Dutch people to work longer and longer. To make this possible, they need to be and remain employable for (different) employers for longer. The focus here is on good, motivated and healthy work. What themes do you focus on:

1: Mental and physical health improvements in sustainable employability

A recent report by McKinsey found that nearly half of workers in Europe feel moderate to high levels of burnout in their current jobs. A similar proportion would like their organization to pay more attention to mental well-being. These findings highlight the relevance of investing in people’s health, both mental and physical. By doing this, your organization is also better able to reduce the costs of poor productivity, absenteeism, address stress and burnout. And you reap the benefits of more engaged, high-performing employees.

2: How do Icreate a corporate cultureappropriate for sustainable employability?

Employee well-being is an important element of creating a corporate culture create where people can perform at their best. To create a corporate culture centered on health and well-being, you can use similar change management methods that are applicable in other change processes. Begin the change process with management involvement and commitment, and the allocation of supporting resources. Then go through the change curve and create engagement among employees through clear communication. Then ensure that all commitments are met so that physical and mental health of people becomes an indispensable ingredient in your organization’s culture.

3: Behaviors and habits in sustainable employability

The latest generation of vitality programs recognize that annual checkups are only one side of the coin. Employees must also be motivated to take action on the results. This includes behavior modification and preventive adjustments, such as a healthier diet, more exercise, a healthier daily routine, and the ability to recognize the early warning signs of stress and burnout.

4: A good vitality program appropriate to a policy on sustainable employability

A good vitality program empowers employees to take responsibility for their own health. This starts with mapping current mental and physical health by measuring key data points, and then giving employees the right tools to improve their health with (online) coaching and personalized guidance.

What does sustainable employability provide?

  • Less absenteeism: a 1 percent drop in absenteeism rate yields about €41,000 annually for a company with 100 employees;
  • Higher labor productivity: another benefit of sustainable employability is higher labor productivity. In a company with 100 employees, a 1 percent increase in productivity is enough for a revenue increase of about 95,000 euros per year.

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