Managing absenteeism in the summer: here’s how to make sense of it

With summer in full swing, employees are enjoying well-deserved vacations to recharge and relax. While your team is enjoying this much-needed break, however, it can be a challenge to properly manage absenteeism, especially since the UWV does not account for vacations. In this blog, we discuss the issue of absenteeism during the summer as well as share some strategies to make the process go more smoothly.

The problem

During the summer, many employees are on vacation, so there are often fewer staff available to take over the duties of the absent employee. This can lead to additional workload and stress for those left behind. Moreover, HR managers, who are themselves going on vacation, can sometimes find it difficult to keep in touch during the summer period, making the process even more challenging.

Promote open communication

Encourage a culture of open communication within your organization. Such a culture where employees feel comfortable reporting sickness or absenteeism in a timely manner. This allows you to proactively respond to absence cases and provide appropriate support to sick employees, even during busy vacation periods.

Make use of absence registration software

Investing in modern absence tracking software can make a huge difference in absence management. Such software can streamline the absenteeism process, set reminders for important steps and generate reports to understand trends of absenteeism within your organization.

Engage external absence counseling

Consider partnering with outside absence counseling services to support your HR team. These professionals can provide specialized help in dealing with absence cases, which can ease the burden on your internal HR department.

Flexible work arrangements

Encourage the use of flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting or flexible working hours, to reduce absenteeism during vacation time. Giving employees more control over their work hours allows them to better adapt their work to their vacation plans and personal needs. Moreover, by the corona period, this hybrid working has already become the norm.

Be proactive in anticipating absenteeism

When creating vacation schedules, take into account possible absences and provide a backup plan for critical positions. This way you can respond more quickly to unexpected absences and minimize the impact on your team.

Train your HR team

Make sure your HR team is well-versed in absence management procedures and that its members are trained in dealing with absence cases during the summer. Ensuring the right knowledge and skills will ensure that your HR department can effectively and efficiently handle absence cases.

While it can be challenging, there are plenty of ways to improve your absenteeism management over the summer. By promoting open communication, modern tools and flexible work arrangements, you can optimize HR processes and give employees the support they deserve, even during the vacation season. And, of course, vice versa: employees themselves are also responsible for keeping in touch with their employers. Even during the vacations.

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