3 tips to overcome HR challenges in summer

Summer… For many, this is the most beautiful season of the year. As an HR professional, however, these months can be quite challenging. There are a few common HR challenges that recur every summer. We’d like to share 3 tips that will help you solve these summer challenges once and for all. Come summer, we are ready.

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The 3 tips

1. Realize that you don’t have to do it alone

For any HR professional, the summer season is just a little different than the rest of the year. The roster must be filled and often a flexible HR shell is used. We also often help out from Panthion to cover the summer. Because even then, it all has to go through. We help large companies as well as the SME segment. After all, they often do not have large HR departments, so during the absence of the HR colleague in charge, everything keeps running. And then both legally, and in other areas.

2. Start getting help on time

In practice, we still sometimes see that certain cases are put on hold during the summer period. This is actually a missed opportunity, as it means catching up after the summer. And in doing so, you also run the risk of falling behind in the process. After all, absenteeism, contracting, performance and illness do not adhere to a vacation schedule. Therefore, even while on vacation, make sure you keep in touch. Because if you really lose track of someone for an extended period of time, it can have consequences in many ways. So engage an hr professional in time, for example, so that there is time to get this (temporary) colleague up to speed and to properly transfer certain files. And that doesn’t just have to be during the vacation season. For example, an interim case manager who focuses only on absenteeism cases can quickly pick up 5 to 10 trajectories in a day. And wage sanctions, because things are not settled, are a lot more costly than employing such an expert, which thus quickly pays for itself.

3. Relax, especially in summer

Finally, we like to close with a more lighthearted tip, totally appropriate for the time of year. And that is … relax! Because it will all work out. Just as the world does not stop turning after Jan. 1, neither will it after the summer period. Enjoy the benefits that hybrid working offers you and your colleagues and use it wherever possible to reduce pressure.

Meet up for a leisurely lunch walk, have a Friday afternoon drink with each other, make sure the office temperature is comfortable, and above all, relax.

We wish you a wonderful summer!

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