Panthion: Your partner in a proactive absenteeism approach and second-track management.

At a time when absenteeism is spiraling out of control nationwide and traditional health and safety services often stick to a reactive approach, Panthion and its sister company ViaMensa present an innovative approach to help employers regain control. Discover how our proactive and proven methods not only proactively manage sick leave, but also reduce it.

Nationwide Concerns About Absenteeism

The rising trend of absenteeism worries employers nationwide. Traditional health and safety services often do not respond until “the damage” is already done, and that is where we make a difference.

Our proactive approach

We embrace a proactive approach to being a healthy employer, starting with identifying potential risk factors before they translate into sick leave. Our proven methods integrate advanced methodologies, continuous absence monitoring and customized vitality plans to promote the health and engagement of your employees.

Panthion: A game changer for sick leave management

As director/employer, I would like to share my enthusiasm for the significant impact Panthion / ViaMensa has had on reducing absenteeism within our organization. Since the implementation, Panthion has given us proactive insight into the causes of absenteeism, allowing us to take targeted measures. This has not only improved efficiency but also contributed to a healthier work environment. Panthion is a must-have for any employer serious about reducing absenteeism and promoting wellness.

Concrete Tips to Reduce Absenteeism

  1. Identify Risk Factors: Conduct regular analyses to identify potential health risks within your organization.
  2. Implement Preventive Measures: Take proactive measures to prevent health problems. This can range from ergonomic adjustments to stress management programs.
  3. Invest in Continuous Health Monitoring: Use advanced technologies to collect real-time data and detect potential problems early.
  4. Develop Individual Vitality Plans: Recognize that each individual is unique. Develop customized vitality plans to meet specific needs.
  5. Evaluate and Adapt: Regularly monitor the effectiveness of measures taken and adjust based on changing needs and circumstances.

Contact and/or sick leave support?

Choose ViaMensa and take the lead in reducing absenteeism. Improve not only the health and productivity of your employees, but also strengthen your position as an employer who invests in the well-being of his staff. Together, we build a healthy, resilient work environment.

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