Promoting training & development with feedback

An employee feedback strategy offers HR departments a valuable opportunity to find out the extent to which employees believe they are well prepared and have the right skills to do their jobs. Moreover, it allows management to get an overall picture of what skills and abilities their employees still need to hone. This is particularly relevant for organizations undergoing major transformation, which can also have an effect on employee roles and responsibilities.

Panthion works for many clients on themes of employee engagement, job happiness and sustainable employability. Anything to improve the employee journey. HR is mostly our principal in this area. Personal development is an indispensable part of the employee journey because it enables people to grow in their roles and move up in the organization. In this post, we explain what skills and abilities actually are and why employee feedback is so important to implementing successful training and development initiatives.

What are skills and abilities?

A skill is something you have learned through practice, training or studying. Then you can think of a specific ability to do something, such as working with certain software or hardware, that allows a person to perform his or her function. In short, skills are what an employee can do. The person brings those same skills to every position and organization he or she joins.

Proficiency refers to how you can apply something in practice. This is more difficult to put into words: it involves a combination of ways of thinking, acting and ways of communicating that enable a person to solve a specific problem, motivate others or deal effectively with stressful situations.

Panthion’s feedback training, as part of our management development program, has given me and my team new insights. It also determined a new strategy regarding the selection process and the employee journey.

Ronald – Customer contact team manager

So when hiring new employees or evaluating current employees, it is important to look at both skills and abilities to make sure you have the right person for a particular job.

Improve employees’ skills and abilities

The most effective way to advance an employee’s skills and abilities is to provide appropriate training and development opportunities. Effective training or the right development program can help your employees develop their skills, gain knowledge, improve performance and contribute to the growth and profitability of the organization. Training and development are a crucial part of your organization’s success.

What are the benefits of training and development?

Employee training and development is crucial for any organization. In today’s knowledge economy, organizations that do not invest in employee training fall behind their competition in no time. It is important to keep employees abreast of innovations within their environment and teach them new skills that will help them do their jobs more efficiently.

With training and development, by the way, you don’t just help your employees do their jobs more efficiently. You also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better growth opportunities for employees within the organization
  • Improved performance due to better personal skills
  • Greater employee retention
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • More innovation and creativity within teams

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