The numbers confirm the approach: mobility employment works.

It is not only an investment in your employee(s), but also a model of being a good employer. Take the test at the bottom of this article!

What is mobility service again?

Most HR consultants, directors and municipal secretaries within government, municipal, provincial, water board and security region are familiar with mobility service. Yet many nonprofit employees have heard too little about it and/or there is still a lot of confusion. The mobility shift is a pathway where your employee is given the space to discover what the next step in his/her career is. Mostly mobility employment is entered into when a person is not good more at his/her spot sits in the current job. Or if for example due to a reorganization the current position must be left. In the mobility service we examine with the employee where his/her passion lies, where work happiness can be found in a new job and where the employee can start to work sustainably and with energy (this can be done in our service, as a self-employed person or through secondment).

The mobility service was truly a gift to myself: training, mentoring, coaching and optimal use of the network. All this while maintaining with benefits and ABP pension. Panthion really took me a step further and I found my niche.

Claudia Bakker (registrar)

Why mobility employment?

A mobility shift works because the “umbilical cord” with the employer is cut. So the employee is truly separate from the organization, and this creates two important things: time and space. You will be employed by Panthion for a specified period of time. We are the regional (Western Netherlands) specialist in mobility service partnerships. With us, you will receive a workplace, training, coaching, career advice, and in addition, you will receive the same salary and pension accrual as usual. Additional added value are the regional opportunities (we have a huge network in Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Gouda and surrounding areas) and therefore the high rate of outplacement (86% of mobility candidates found a new job within employment with our help).

Is mobility employment for you? Take the test!

We have listed a number of statements below. For each “yes” answer to a statement, you get one point. Then see what advice fits this well:

  • You get no energy more from your function. You go with reluctance to your work;
  •  You are to it applying but finding a suitable job   doesn’t want to flow;
  • You have been made redundant due to a reorganization;
  • You have taken several courses and trainings, but without the desired results;
  • You are ready for a new step in your career;
  • Maintaining benefits and ABP pension is important to you;
  • You are employed at a municipality,  county, utility, government agency and would like to rediscover   what your qualities are;
  • Your current position is no longer a good fit for you and you are open to exploration;

0-3 points: You are ready for a change or deepening in your work. Try talking to your supervisor to explore options;
4-5 points: You are looking for another position, but the search doesn’t really want to succeed yet. A (Panthion) career counselor could further help you take the next step in your career;
6-8 points: Your current function doesn’t fit more you. Your want rediscover what your qualities its and how you that torque taan work. Mobility employment is a good choice for you. With the certainty of a employment combined with the right and professional support put you a next promising career move. 


We are happy to help with questions and can advise and support employee, management and/or HR. If more information is desired, send us a message and we will send you our white paper.


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