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In addition to HR & career services, Panthion -offers mobility services to its clients within the government and education sectors. This service is in high demand. We have outlined information about this service in this news update, along with a real-life example.

Reasons for mobility employment:

  • Situations surrounding redundancy (reorganization);
  • Orientation to another career step within the government or education sector;
  • Changes in job duties that result in a desire to continue career elsewhere;
  • Fixed-term appointment will not be renewed.

My employment with the municipality is ending. How to move forward?
Robert (47) has been working for a municipality in the Hague area for about 15 years. A medium-sized municipality that was going to downsize -also due to organizational development and direction on certain parts. In practice, this meant that Robert’s duties changed such that his operational/tactical duties would result in a primarily policy function. Based on individual agreements, the council and Robert eventually parted ways. After his last day at the municipality, Robert joined Panthion.

Robert: “There are more mobility service providers. I (and my employer) ultimately chose Panthion for the following reasons.”

  • Quality (the results in terms of outflow are very positive);
  • Regional opportunities (Panthion focuses primarily on employers in the Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam triangle;
  • High level of motivation (the career counselors and trainers are enthusiastic and true “professionals”);
  • Frequent and personal supervision (we see and speak to each other weekly);
  • Workplaces in the region (I can work in various places).

Robert: The alternative was to break up through a settlement agreement and then WW. This left my employer stuck with quite a potential cost and I would have to look for another job without guidance. I was really looking for a committed party that would increase my job opportunities from its strong regional ties.

Robert had not leveraged his network enough in recent years and saw a diminishing opportunity to apply from an unemployment situation. He wanted, on the one hand, optimal guidance and, on the other, a network and work environment from which he could look for a new employer from rest and with help.

The mobility employment at Panthion has given me the opportunity to find a new job from rest and optimal guidance. All this while maintaining salary (including ABP pension accrual)

Robert: “I was able to continue working from one of Panthion’s workplaces just fine with various assignments. In addition, I received coaching and training. While retaining my old working conditions, I was able to look for a new job. This succeeded within a year and I am now working at another municipality in the same region.”

Costs in a WW situation
For employers in the government and education sectors, Article 72 a WW applies. In practice, therefore, these employers are themselves responsible for both the WW charges (statutory and sometimes supra- and post-statutory) and guidance toward work. In short, an employee with a gross salary of €4,000 can mean a potential financial (indicative) risk of about €170,000 (including employer charges, statutory notice period, maximum unemployment duration, transition compensation and counseling). This, of course, depends on employment history, working conditions and individual agreements. A mobility service contract can offer an interesting alternative in financial terms.

Much more importantly, mobility employment increases the likelihood of employment. Over 80% of the candidates we assist find new employment within the agreed upon time frame. So in addition to a work situation, retention of benefits, coaching and training, also a nice result.

Learn more about a mobility service contract
The complete mobility service contract you go through under contract with Panthion. After all, finding a new job requires full-time effort. We offer you the security of employment and follow the collective labor agreement of your current employer with regard to primary working conditions – such as salary and vacation arrangements – and you will receive 100% ABP pension accrual. Secondary conditions will be determined by mutual agreement. You can always contact one of our advisors for an appointment or more information without obligation.

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