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After a decline in the number of job openings for HR professionals in the second and third quarters of 2017, the number increased 19% in the fourth quarter to an unprecedented high. This trend continued in the first and second quarters of 2018. Not surprisingly, organizations are increasingly struggling to fill HR vacancies. In 2017, 56% of organizations struggled to fill vacancies in a timely manner and now this has risen to a whopping 71%. A further increase is expected in the coming period.

With increasing demand, the competition in recruiting HR professionals is only increasing. Of particular note is the explosive demand for recruiters. Organizations are trying to bring in the right (HR) professional in increasingly inventive ways. In the labor market, there is an (almost) overstrained boom. Job applicants consider a good employer image increasingly important, and job-seeking HR professionals are no exception. In the strong job market for HR, they have something to choose from again. Employers should not only make an effort to “bring in” good HR professionals, but also to retain good HR professionals. But with 11,000 unique HR jobs published online, how do you connect with the right HR professional?

Recruit yourself or outsource….?
Many organizations are in a bind, especially if they are in a growth phase. You want to do a lot yourself to save costs, and at the same time, sometimes you cannot do without the support of others to achieve your ambitions properly and quickly. It is quite an art to make the trade-off between doing it yourself and outsourcing every time. Time, expertise and cost play a major role in this consideration. Perhaps an interesting business case to identify the “hidden” costs of in-house recruitment. These can add up considerably. This includes: the cost of drafting the vacancy text, the cost of posting the vacancy online, the cost of conducting the selection interviews (which involve several colleagues) and possibly an assessment or a second round if the right candidate is not found. The alternative is to outsource the search or recruitment to an agency. When making that choice, always agree on a flat rate for the entire procedure. In many cases, agencies still charge a recruitment fee of sometimes 20-25% of gross annual salary. That is really out of date.

“When it’s too expensive to hire a professional, wait untill you hire an amateur…”

Whatever choice you make, a good agency distinguishes itself by providing both proactive and reactive advice in a proceeding. By very consciously thinking along and asking a lot. As a client, you must be able to trust that this agency understands what your organization needs. That there is no “resume shuffling,” but real matching based on personal interviews with the potential candidate. After all, as a client, you are looking for a partner to help you complete and professionalize your HR team. A vacancy offers an excellent opportunity to reinvigorate your team: new behaviors, new competencies, new professional knowledge, new energy….

Panthion, partner for HR
How to choose the right agency? Do you do this based on price, a “good feeling,” reputation, trust, speed of action, size of network, distinctiveness? Just start talking to some agencies. See what they can offer, how they work, and most importantly, whether they match with (the core values of) your organization. For Panthion, our primary focus is to help our clients succeed. By supporting and advising them in the area of HR services (search and selection of HR professionals) and career services (career guidance, improvement programs, outplacement and reintegration track2). If you choose search and selection from Panthion, you can count on:

  • Fast turnaround time between application and filling: interim (< 6 days and permanent 3-5 weeks);
  • Deployment of selection assessments;
  • A network of 2,500+ HR professionals;
  • A specialist career & HR agency;
  • A dedicated contact for your organization (our staff has 10+ years of experience in the HR field;
  • Expertise in profit and non-profit sectors;
  • An intake interview at your location within 48 hours of application;
  • A transparent approach and realistic rates.

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