HR and reorganization

In these turbulent times, employers and employees sometimes face difficult situations, with all government measures (such as part-time unemployment) not always proving sufficient.

For you as a business owner, or your HR advisor, additional skills and expertise are then expected. Expertise that is by no means always “in house.” For example, around the preparation of a social plan, consultation with the works council or offering work-to-work counseling to your employees.

Full service on HR, Finance & legal at reorganizations
Panthion can support you with HR advice, guidance on career questions and employment law issues. In addition, we work together with The expertise agency when it comes to financial processes and accounting support.

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Useful information on HR’s roles in a reorganization
HR as early adaptor: It’s not just employees who must eventually go along with the change. You too must be convinced of the benefits of reorganization. And preferably as early in the process as possible. After all, you are expected to create support, guide the OR and deflect the resistance of opinion makers.

HR as inspiration: During a reorganization, job insecurity will increase. Uncertainty stands in the way of change. How can you solve this for yourself? By naming all the positives and effects of the reorganization. If you as an HR professional don’t see the benefits, neither do the employees. Therefore, cast yourself as an inspiration and create a positive influence within the organization.

HR as communicator: Many choices are made during reorganizations, but most of the time is spent weighing these choices. This is done in meetings, workshops and consultations. An awful lot of information goes into this. The trick for you is to feed employees relevant information and be incredibly clear about choices made. Employees want to hear not only conclusions, but also the grounds on which they are based. Your job is to make the trade-off insightful. In doing so, you balance on the edge where you either provide too much, irrelevant information or provide too little and unclear information.

HR as legal counsel: If there’s no way to sign a settlement agreement with an employee, you’ll have to initiate termination proceedings. You will be required to know and advise on all rules regarding dismissal procedures. If relations within the organization are not the best, after many attempts, you often have to fall back on rules and laws. Then act fairly and matter-of-factly. Thinking along is allowed, but by no means always possible.

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