Top 3 blogs on new career, stress and reducing absenteeism

How hard it can be to make choices. So did we when we selected 3 blogs that we would like to bring to your attention once again. It was almost like choosing a book when your bookshelf is full of interesting titles.

But usually (momentarily) standing still and choosing is good: it forces you to go back to the core. And to that which you have already accomplished. Therefore, in this article we are happy to share our 3 most read blogs. Not surprisingly, they are about the energy that a new career step can give you, about reducing absenteeism (with 7 effective tips for employers) and about the perhaps recognizable worries that burnout brings.

If you would like to spar about any of these topics, please contact us. Sometimes a seemingly difficult case, can feel a lot clearer if you brainstorm about it with someone.

The top 3

1. In 5 steps to a new career

How will you achieve your career goal? Career counseling consists of several stages: goal setting, awareness, choosing and actually taking new steps. Do these questions ever haunt your mind?

  • I want something different after years, but I really have no idea what?
  • My contract will not be renewed. Do I want to do the same kind of work or do I go for something different?
  • I sense that it is time for something else, but I find it exciting and don’t know where and how to begin my search
  • I want to look for a job that I am really passionate about. Where does my passion actually lie? That’s what I want to find out.

Recognizable? Then apply these 5 tips to get off to a good start. Read more.

2. Reducing absenteeism: 7 effective tips for employers!

In this news article, more on sick leave, reducing sick leave, preventing sick leave and practical tips for employers. Because, what exactly is sick leave? And executives, do you know exactly what you can do about absenteeism and what are the preventive measures for absenteeism? We explain what help is available for absenteeism counseling, as well as 7 effective tips for employers. Read more.

3. Absenteeism highest in 20 years, major concerns about dropout due to stress and burnout

Absenteeism among corporate and government employees rose to 4.8 percent last year. This is the highest rate in 20 years. Specifically, it means that out of every thousand working days, 48 were absent due to illness. The number of Dutch people struggling with gloomy feelings, stress and other psychological complaints rose to record levels in 2022. Figures for the first quarter of 2023 are still missing, but the number is not expected to have dropped. Of all women aged 12 years and older, 18 percent said they were experiencing mental health problems; of the men, 12 percent reported it. In both cases, the percentage was not this high before. Read more.

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